Strong, fast and safe barrier for car parks.
Street barrier for bars up to 6 mt with opening time from 1,5 to 6 seconds.

BRT SIMPLE Street barrier 230 Vac with on-board control unit for bars up to 6 m with opening time from 2,5 to 6 seconds. On-board BIOS1 control unit with radio receiver, slowing downs, safety devices and managing of a transmitter through the display.
Backing plate, bar and clamp hub are needed.

BRT electromechanical gearmotor, ideal for parking lots where a frequent operation is needed.

• Easy and quick adjustment of limit switches allowing slowing down in opening and closing phase.
• Valuable mechanics and ventilated motor, granting total reliability.
• Columns treated with cataphoresis process and thermosetting painting.
• BIOS1: Innovative control unit that allows the managing of a single transmitter through the display.

Technical features BRT SIMPLE
Power supply (V) 230 Vac – 50Hz
Motor power supply (V) 230 Vac – 50Hz
Motor absorption (A) 1
Motor power (W) 230
Weight (Kg) 62
Opening – closing time (sec) 3
Recommended daily revolutions (n°) 1200
Maximum length of rod (m) 3-4 (5)
Service (%) 100
Working temperature (°C) -10° +55°
Protection degree  (IP) 54
Control unit BIOS1 BRT